Rock Hill Pavilion is a great place for friends and family to celebrate weddings, quinceaneras, graduations, birthdays, reunions and other events. It’s also where friends and co-workers can relax and have fun at casual company picnics and holiday parties.

Rock Hill Pavilion Calendar of events and reservation rules

At Rock Hill Pavilion we maintain a detailed calendar of events for every year. Each day of the year can be:
- Earmarked - a desire was expressed by someone to tentatively reserve it for an event. Just fill and submit the form below and you earmark a date for yourself!  If someone else requests the same date, we will let the "first option party" (FOP) know, and they would have three days to commit, to book or to release the date (the date is automatically released for reservation to the "second option party" (SOP) if there is no answer or no commitment from the FOP);
- Committed - a firm request for a date was expressed, but a reservation payment was not made yet. A date can be committed for up to a week but if no reservation is made during this week, the date returns to the Earmarked status. Same FOP/SOP rule applies, as above;
- Reserved - an initial payment was made for that date and, as a result, it's booked.

February 11 - Super Bowl viewing and V. Day (2/14) warm up! - Reserved
March 9 - Private Party - Reserved
March 23 - Venue Tours (by appointment only)  - Reserved
April 13 - Baby Shower - Reserved
April 27 - Birthday Party - Reserved
May 19 - Dance Academy Party - Reserved
May 25 - Wedding Ceremony - partially Reserved (3:00 to 5:00 PM)
June 1 - Quinceanera - Reserved
June 29 - Baby Shower - Earmarked
July 12 - Corporate event - Earmarked
July 13 - Birthday Party - Earmarked
July 19 - Corporate event - Reserved
August 17 - Birthday Party - Earmarked
August 24 - Baby Shower - Earmarked
September 9 - Quinceanera - Earmarked
October 19- Wedding Reception - Reserved
October 26- Quinceanera - Reserved
May 3 - Wedding - Earmarked
June 21 - Wedding Ceremony and Reception - Earmarked
August 21 - Wedding Ceremony and Reception  - Earmarked
May 8 - Quinceanera - Earmarked